White's Boots

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White’s Boots is called the king of work boots.
The heritage of all-hand-made craftsmanship has been kept over its history of over 140 years.A characteristic of White’s Boots products is the use of only the best quality leather as well as a thick thread called “Irish Linen” used for sewing the upper leather and insole together.
The Goodyear Welted construction done by hand creates a flexibility and comfort that other brands cannot achieve.
Those attentions to detail give their boots the world’s toughest strength that completely prevents penetration of water from outside.
Because hand-crafted production can only yield a limited number of pairs in a day due to the care and cost it takes, there is no other brand in the U.S.A. that takes so much pride in hand-crafting like White’s Boots.
The flagship style “SMOKE JUMPER” was developed for wildland firefighters and excels in fire resistance with superior durability.
The name was inspired by a scene of “wildland firefighters jumping out of a plane and descend to the smoke filled wildfire”.
Their factory currently resides in Spokane, Washington. They operate with the idea of “flexibility for responding to each customer’s needs and long-lasting quality are the most important”.
The traditional technique for crafting a high quality boots has been preserved over generations.

ワークブーツの王様と称される【WHITE’S BOOTS】
WHITE’S BOOTSの特徴は厳選されたレザーのみを使用する事、アッパーレザーとインソールを縫う【アイリッシュ・リネン】と呼ばれる太い糸を使用する事。
ハンドクラフトによるグッドイヤーウエルト製法は他社では実現できない柔軟性と快適性を生み出す。それら細部に渡るこだわりは、外からの水の浸透を完璧に防ぎ世界最高峰と呼ばれる強度を与える。ハンドクラフトはとても手間やコストが掛かり1日に限られた足数しか作れないため、【WHITE’S BOOTS】ほど手作業にこだわっているブーツブランドはアメリカでもほとんどない。
フラッグシップモデルの【SMOKE JUMPER】は、森林降下消防士用の靴として耐火性、強度に優れ、「森林火災の消火にあたる消防隊員が飛行機から降下し煙立つ火災現場に赴く」様からスモークジャンパーと呼ばれるようになる。

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